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                                                                                 - David Cook, LUTCF, NP


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Business and Professional Group Discounts!

See our List at the Bottom of This Page.  Do You Belong to any group?   If so, DISCOUNTS RANGING FROM 10-15% WILL BE APPLIED TO EVERY CAR IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD

Please Indicate Your Business and Professional Group in the Box Below.  You can also make any Additional Comments, Questions, Concerns, Additional Drivers, Cars, etc. in the Same Box . 

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Rest assured we will not share this information with anyone.  It will only be used to help you secure a low cost auto insurance proposal from our agency.  Be sure to verify your e-mail address, and phone number so we can contact you.  Otherwise we cannot complete your request.  We are a professional organization with over 20 years experience, and licensed staff.  We respect your right to privacy and honor this trust.


ELIGIBLE BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL GROUPS (documentation will be  required to obtain these discounts):  Accountants, Architects, Aviation Professionals, Dentists, Educators, Teachers, Principals, Superintendents, Licensed or Degreed Engineers, FIG Federal Credit Union members, Firefighters (city, county, state, or federal), Lawyers, Judges, Librarians, Physical or Occupational Therapists, Physicians, Surgeons, Badge-Holding Law Enforcement or Peace Officers (city, county, state, or federal), Probation Officers, Real Estate Agents, Registered Nurses, "Scientists" (with verification of Bachelors, Masters, or PhD degree in the field of actuarial science, biochemistry, astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, computer graphics, computer information, computer applications, computer programming, computer technology, cybernetics, ecology, genetics, geology, geophysics, mathematics, meteorology, neuroscience, physics, physiology, oceanography, planetary systems, or statistics), Business Owners or Corporate Officers who have their business policy OR workers compensation insurance policy with Farmers Insurance Group, Speech Audiologists, Pathologists, Veterinarians, and Retirees of an Eligible Affinity Group above.


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