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Our Mission Statement

            "In an inconsistent and often impersonal marketplace, our purpose is to provide peace-of-mind and stability by giving second-to-none service, education, and quality insurance products to our clients.  We want to handle ALL the insurance needs of our clients.  We receive our greatest reward when we empower others to make well-informed decisions, facilitate coverage, and feel our clients’ trust."                                  

 - David J. Cook

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“But Why Should I Do Business With You?”

Ten Good Reasons:

1.      ONE STOP SERVICE.  With your busy schedule, why have two or three (or more) insurance agents?  We can handle all of your insurance policies.  See our PRODUCTS page.  WE GIVE BIG DISCOUNTS by having different types of policies with us.  For example, by having your home and auto together, we  will get you a DOUBLE DISCOUNT on both!  Many families have obtained “V.I.P. STATUS” by having all their insurance with our agency. 

2.       Because this is a FAMILY-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS, we are personally interested in YOU!  We will promptly return telephone calls, give courteous answers to your questions, and competently service your account. 

3.      We pay for a subscription to the FRIENDLY EXCHANGE magazine on your behalf.  It has money-saving tips, recipes, cartoons, and travel information along with important financial, political, and insurance news.  We feel that the better informed you are, the better we can service your needs.

4.      We offer MANY services here in our office.  We are also dedicated to continuing EDUCATION and practice HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS.   

5.        We represent some of the LARGEST AND STRONGEST INSURERS IN THE WORLD!  We have an excellent reputation to uphold, and one of the many ways we do this is by providing a claims service that is second-to-none!  OUR OWN AWARD WINNING HELP-POINT SERVICE IS AVAILABLE 24 HOURS PER DAY!   

6.      Our life insurance provider has been RANKED IN THE TOP 10 among over 2000 life companies nationally (Source: Weiss Research, Inc.)  making it one of the “THE STRONGEST INSURANCE COMPANIES IN THE U.S.”  At over 80 years old, it's a California-admitted carrier, and has over $20 billion in assets.  Having this size and caliber of company behind you is important when protecting your family and assets. 

7.        Because we generally specialize in preferred risks, family accounts and profitable business, our rates are very stable and very competitive.  Even with all of the extras, OUR RATES ARE VERY LOW. 

8.       WE CAN GET ANY TYPE OF POLICY FOR YOU.  For example, we handle Covered California, and Blue Cross/Anthem and Blue Shield Health plans, as well as Group health plans for business.   If you should need a specialized hard-to-get policy, Mr. Cook has taken the necessary steps to still accommodate you.  He is appointed by five other General Agent Brokerage firms and is indirectly affiliated with many other companies. 

9.        Our agency prides itself on CUSTOM-TAILORING POLICIES TO FIT YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS.  As part of our professional service, we will review your current situation, show you where you can save money, help you to identify risk, make recommendations, and facilitate the coverage you want all at no extra cost to you.  As it is your responsibility to purchase the coverages you need, we encourage you to look closely at our coverages, as well as our prices, before purchasing any insurance policy.  Our service has added value that is not reflected in the premiums.




I hope this information has been helpful to you.  Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.  Remember, my staff and I are always here to help you. 

                                         Your Friend,     


Owner:  David Cook, LUTCF

Agency Established:  December 4, 1987

Among the Credentials and Licenses Held by Mr. Cook:  Fire & Casualty, Life & Disability, Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Fellow Member of Life Underwriters Training Council (LUTCF)

Member: FEAPAC Insurance Political Action Committee

License #0737823 with California Dept. of Insurance

Insurance Group Awards: Life Masters, Toppers Club, Championship Award, Blue Max Award, Blue Vase Award, and Greyhound Award.

Company Appointments:

  AMERICAN NETWORK INSURANCE COMPANY For: Disability Only Effective: 05/16/1989
  FOREMOST INSURANCE CO. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN For: RV's, Boats, Motorcycles, ATV's Effective: 12/01/1990
  BLUE CROSS LIFE & HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY For: Medical, Life, Senior Medicare Supplements, Dental, and Long-Term Care Effective: 12/01/1993
  BERKSHIRE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA For: Life and Disability Effective: 07/09/2001
  BEST LIFE AND HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY For: Life and Disability Effective: 04/14/1994
  BLUE SHIELD OF CALIFORNIA LIFE & HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY For: Medical, Life, Senior Medicare Supplements, Dental, and Long-Term Care Effective: 08/20/1990
  FIG INSURANCE GROUP For: Fire and Casualty, Auto, Home Effective: 9/04/1987
  FNWL For: Life Insurance and Annuities Effective: 04/13/1988
  MCGRAW - PACIFIC SPECIALTIES INSURANCE CO. For: Fire and Casualty Effective: 12/17/1987
  STATE COMPENSATION INSURANCE FUND (STATE FUND) For: Fire and Casualty, Workers Compensation Effective: 06/07/1993
  GUARDIAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA (THE) For: Life and Disability Effective: 06/30/2001
  UNITRIN - FIC INDEMNITY CO. OF CALIFORNIA For: Fire and Casualty Effective: 11/11/1988
  MEDICAL SAVINGS INSURANCE ASSOCIATION For: Life and Disability Effective: 04/13/1999
  MID-CENTURY INSURANCE COMPANY For: Fire and Casualty, Auto, Commercial, and Workers Compensation Effective: 12/17/1987
  PACIFICARE LIFE AND HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY For: Life and Disability Effective: 02/10/1998
  TRAVELERS INSURANCE COMPANY (THE) For: Life and Disability Effective: 11/18/1992



For: Fire and Casualty, Commercial, and Workers Compensation, Umbrellas

For:  Sub-Standard Auto

Mobile Home, Boat, and other specialty products

Effective: 12/17/1987


Effective: 10/1/2007

Effective: 11/13/1989


This agency is licensed only in California. Company links or logos on this web site does not imply the endorsement by those companies of this web site. This is an "agency only" site. Please note that we cannot bind coverage through our web site or through e-mail. For more information regarding bound coverage, please call us. Lic 0737823

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